Ethical Review of Social Sciences is a pioneering scholarly journal that stands at the forefront of ethical studies within the realm of social sciences. With an unwavering commitment to promoting ethical research practices, this journal provides a unique platform for social science authors to engage in thoughtful discourse and critical analysis within an ethical framework. In an era where the ethical dimensions of social research are paramount, this journal emerges as a beacon of integrity, setting new standards for researchers and scholars.

Ethical Review of Social Sciences is more than just a journal; it is a movement dedicated to reshaping the ethical landscape of social science research. By providing a platform where ethical inquiry is not only encouraged but celebrated, the journal pioneers a new era where integrity, respect, and responsibility form the cornerstone of social science scholarship. Authors, readers, and ethical enthusiasts are invited to join this transformative journey, making a significant impact on the ethical foundations of social sciences.


Current IssueVol 1, No 1 (2024): Ethical Review of Social Sciences

Published October 14, 2024

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